BETT 2015 med stor norsk delegasjon

BETT 2015 med stor norsk delegasjon

SkoleMagasinet har fått eksklusiv tilgang på nyheter fra BETT arrangørene. Under BETT lenken til høyre vil du finne en rekke pressemeldinger samt oppdatert innhold fra BETT arrangøren. I artikkelen som følger er de største overskriftene for BETT 2015.

In 2014, over 600 teachers from Norway travelled to ExCeL London to attend Bett, the all-encompassing, annual, learning technology event that has grown to be the annual event for educators to share ideas and gather new insight. For the 31st year, Bett returns to London from 21 to 24 January 2015 to inspire and inform educators the world over; once again a large number of teachers from Norway are expected.

By speaking to the educators who visit each year, the continuing attraction of Bett can be summarised in four ways: it is about the knowledge that can be gathered, Bett’s openness to encourage discussion and debate, the inspiration it delivers and of course its passion in terms of the celebration of technology’s incredible contribution to learning. Some visitors believe you should plan which seminars and exhibitors’ stands you are going to visit before arriving at the show, while others feel it is best just to spend the day wandering the show floor, as you are more likely to come across products you didn’t know existed. Possibly a mix of the two options is best! What visitors will also discover is that a lot of the inspiration they gather at Bett is from discussions with other teachers that they meet in the coffee areas or on stands.

Free training

Many educators visit the show for its un-paralleled quality and quantity of seminars and conferences. At Bett 2015, education visionary Sir Ken Robinson will be speaking in the main Bett Arena, along with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and a host of other exciting speakers. Bett provides such a broad range of seminars, delivered by teachers, Government agencies, associations and industry experts. You can reserve your place now at  Entrance to Bett and all the seminars is free of charge.

The full list of seminars are listed on the Bett website, however to give you an example of the quality of the international range of speakers, we have listed a small selection below. Most seminar presentations are designed to be intensive 30 minute sessions, packed with stimulating ideas and advice.

On Wednesday 21st January at 17:30 Antoni Aparicio Llurba, ICT manager from the Institut Joaquima Pla Farreras, Spain, will be sharing his view that teachers should tell students to ‘Be responsible and use your mobile device!’ The session will explain how the school’s students work in a 1:1 model. From 7th to 9th Year, 400 students use their own android tablets and they are free to carry their mobile phones. Its aim is to educate students to use mobile technology responsibly using a colour code system to help teachers to identify which uses are appropriate, depending on the context. The results have been extremely positive.

The following day, Thursday 22nd January, at 15:30, in the ‘Schools Learn Live: Primary and Secondary theatre’ maths teacher, Peter Esperanza from Barstow High School in California, USA, will be explaining how he ‘Improved Attitudes Towards Maths in a Flipped Class.’ This study sought to determine the extent to which high school students’ attitudes towards mathematics changed during the course of their mathematics class, delivered via the flipped classroom model. This study examined self-confidence, motivation, enjoyment, and value of mathematics.

Those attending Bett on Friday 23rd January will have the chance to hear Gustavo Echevarraa speak in the ‘Schools Learn Live: Secondary theatre’, at 15:30. Gustavo is comprehensive education head at the Universidad Panamericana, one of the top private secondary schools in Mexico City, and will be presenting ‘Educating Digital Citizens with Global Interaction.’ In this session he will discuss some specific ideas and projects designed for your students to interact with other teenagers from Mexico. The idea is based on letting students become genuine digital learners by using social media for educational purposes.


Because of the significant number of visitors from Norway, Bett 2015 will showcase the ‘Norwegian Classroom - Norwegian EdTech Pavilion’ on stand B466. In this area, visitors will meet 16 different companies from Norway all welcoming you to try and test their new content and digital resources for better learning, both today as well as for the future.  Participating companies include Creaza, Inspera, Kahoot, Kikora, Mobilskole, TV2Skole, Conexus, Oppad, iFinger, Fronter, Visma, Cyberbook, Aschehoug, Atea, CappelenDamm and Gyldendal. Kahoot will be taking this opportunity to demonstrate how its resource ensures complete student engagement through quizzes, collaboration and the presentation of content. It initiates peer-led discussions, provides deep learning through the creation of educational games, and at the end students and teachers can download results and assessment information.

However, hundreds of teachers  don’t travel to England just to see Norwegian resource suppliers. Nearly 600 other companies will be at Bett to show their latest products, designed to support all learning needs. We recommend you visit and use the search feature to get a list of the exhibitors showing products for specific purposes and curriculum areas. Here are just a few examples.

Once you arrive at the show, the main Information Point, run by the education sector’s trade association and the co-founders of Bett, the British Educational Suppliers’ Association (BESA) is the best place to go for any information you are looking for. Situated at the heart of the show floor, BESA can help you plan your visit to get the most from the day, and here you can also pick up a copy of the BESA book which lists all 300 plus BESA members; suppliers of every kind.

Looking at what’s new this year, on stand C140 Toshiba will be giving educators the opportunity to try, test and enquire about its range of products. Visitors will benefit from one of the first UK previews of Toshiba’s new Chromebook 2, ahead of its release in early 2015. With high-quality Skullcandy-tuned speakers, a slim design and a range of ports, the Chromebook 2 is a versatile device that is the ideal companion for a busy school day. The Encore 2 WT10-A tablet will also be on display to illustrate how tablets can be used as learning enablers in everyday lessons.

Meanwhile SMART Technologies (F228) will be focusing on its Interactive Flat Panels, which now account for 60 per cent of all interactive displays purchased. SMART’s current offering, the SMART Board 6065 features its proprietary DViT® (Digital Vision Touch) technology, and is designed to offer even more superior collaborative capabilities. The technology can automatically detect the difference between a finger, pen, eraser, or fist/palm.

Promethean, on stand B87, will be demonstrating its ActivClassroom, powered by ClassFlow, the all-in-one teaching platform for synchronising classroom devices and orchestrating lessons across a connected classroom.  Visitors will also see Promethean’s extended range of ActivPanel Touch solutions, which will include additional sizes of 55” and 84”; as well as the latest version of the ActivBoard Touch. Visitors are invited to get involved and participate in a ClassFlow lesson within the Bett Arena.

As more schools increase their adoption of tablet technology, education sector tablet solution developer, LearnPad will be on stand C116 demonstrating why it has been phenomenally successful over the past four years. Occupying one of the show’s largest stands, its team will be on-hand to engage with schools to show how the LearnPad solution is simplifying the use of tablets within the classroom, across all school levels and curriculum stages. LearnPad has been busy collating curriculum resources including over 100 lesson profiles, and more than 10,000 resources.

AirWatch by VMware is another stand worth a visit if mobile technology is your area of interest (C370A). The team will be showing its recently redesigned interface and enhanced functionality for AirWatch® Teacher Tools™. The education solution is designed to help teachers and students get the most out of their tablets, while giving teachers the management controls to keep students focused and troubleshoot without needing to contact IT support.

If you walk further along row ‘C’ you will see SAM Cases on stand C514; SAM Cases has just announced a new line of cases and trolleys aimed specifically at teachers who manage multiple tablet PCs. The range, known as 'GoCharge', lets staff charge and sync multiple tablets while also providing easy transport and storage. Setting them apart from other charging solutions is part of their strong emphasis on protection and peace of mind – something recently recognised by Apple, who chose GoCharge after extensively testing the competition.

Computing/Computer Science

In this past year Computer Science has been introduced in primary schools for the first time. However, the importance of teaching children about the technology that will be part of their working life, is not unique to England. On stand E126 FUZE Technologies Ltd will be running sessions for school age children and their teachers to get a taste of text based programming, using the FUZE programmable workstation. The hands on sessions work well as they give both the teacher and the student confidence that programming is both achievable and fun. The FUZE allows students to follow project cards taking them through various stages of text based programming, including algorithms, string theories, variables and basic electronics.

In terms of books and downloadable teaching units, PG Online will be on stand D390 showing its complete and comprehensive series of teaching materials to help support the teaching of computing to 11 – 16 year old students. This series is particularly popular with those teachers who may be inexperienced in teaching computing. Each unit includes a Teacher’s Guide to help with the technical understanding and delivery of each lesson,  as well as homework sheets, worksheets, an assessment test and PowerPoint presentations to accompany and support each lesson.

Another technology aimed at this age group is PRO-BOT,one of the products that TTS will be showcasing on stand C251, to get students excited about computer programming. The Pro-Bot is a floor robot which teaches students advanced control techniques. The students design, write and debug programs and also detect and correct any errors in their programming.


Those visitors looking for a dynamic way to develop the next generation of scientists and engineers, should visit Vernier’s stand. Experts in putting easy-to-use data loggers, sensors, experiments and graphing/analysis software into the hands of students, Vernier returns to Bett to showcase its Graphical Analysis for Chromebook and its new line of wireless sensors. Learning through discovery can spark curiosity among students, who may have become disillusioned by learning predominantly from textbooks. Vernier’s data logging equipment engages students in science and helps them to better understand complex scientific phenomena. Vernier will be on stands B326 and A310, offering visitors the chance of winning an iPad and accessories!

Like Vernier, another company travelling to Bett from America is zSpace on stand D284. zSpace will be showcasing its new Immersive Science Education Platform for primary and secondary students.  Students will have the ultimate immersive learning experience: dissecting human hearts, diving into volcanos and testing physics outcomes in Jupiter’s gravity. A zSpace Science Lab consists of a set of student virtual reality stations and a teacher station, each outfitted with a custom stylus as well as a wide variety of educational software. The system tracks head movements to provide the user with a personal and immersive virtual reality experience. Virtual holographic images can be ‘lifted’ from the screen and manipulated with the stylus.

International publisher Rising Stars will be on stand D118 showing its Switched on Science pack, which includes activities to give students access to lively ideas and ways of working scientifically in a range of contexts. The appropriate level of repetition and reinforcement is included to help ensure maximum retention. Each pack within Switched on Science includes a teacher’s book, a photocopiable activity resource book, a CD-ROM and six science videos. The CD-ROM includes all the teaching notes and resources, as well as interactive activities. Switched on Science also includes assessment statements at the end of each activity, to help teachers gage how far the students have progressed by the end of the lesson.

The beauty of Bett is that in just one day, visitors can meet with a diverse range of suppliers of specific products or services, then evaluate each, by asking all the questions needed to make an informed decision face to face. Combine this with a selection of the free training seminars and any teacher will leave Bett at the end of the day inspired to transform their teaching for the following year.

Each year this important blend of insight and a dissemination of knowledge attracts over 35,000 visitors. Bett has become the global meeting place for educators and suppliers with a passion for the transformational power of learning technology, and Bett 2015 looks set to continue that trend.We recommend that you plan your visit in advance and register today at