Multisensory ‘WizeFloor’ For SEN Learners Showcases At Bett

As evidence grows to support the value of ‘kinaesthetic learningandlearning through play’ in a child’s development, a new product called WizeFloor is helping SEN teachers create interactive multisensory lessons aimed at educating and stimulating children and young people.    

This unique system projects an enormous interactive area onto the ground, which can then be used like a giant touchscreen. Children can navigate with their arms, legs and feet. They can play multi-sensory learning games, move virtual objects around and immerse themselves into new digital experiences.

Within seconds a classroom floor can become a farmyard, an ocean, a pile of leaves, a dinner table or in fact anything you can imagine! Children walk, run, jump, dance, wave, roll and shuffle across the floor to make things happen. According to a growing SEN community of WizeFloor users around the UK, lessons are now more engaging and memorable.

WizeFloor ticks many boxes. From stimulating memory cognition and creativity through to developing social skills and teamwork.  It also promotes physical activity and helps children gain better balance, co-ordination and control.

Different educational establishments are using the WizeFloor in diverse ways. For example, Oak Field School in Nottingham is successfully using the system to develop gross motor skills with students who have limited physical abilities.  Head Teacher David Stewart said “enthusiasm from both staff and children has been fantastic and we see WizeFloor as a real positive addition to our work”.

While at the Oaks Primary School in Ipswich, teacher Kristie Thomas, is working with her Year 1 and 2 SEN Class on sounds.My phonics group were really struggling with retaining Phase 3 sounds. We devised games that would enable the children to consolidate their knowledge of these sounds in a fun and interactive way. I immediately saw a change in the children’s attitudes towards their learning.”

But it’s not just children that benefit from WizeFloor. At Willow Park Resource Centre in Weeley, Essex, SEN learners of all ages are exploring inclusive digital experiences and developing new skills. This purpose built Centre for people with Learning and Physical Disabilities and Sensory Impairments has seen significant increases in engagement levels.  

Managing Director David Thompson said “When we first saw the WizeFloor we wentWow this is great!’. It provided us with a completely new way of engagement with our attendees; it also fits perfectly with our philosophy of providing a range of enjoyable activities tailored toward individual needs. We create both a ‘learning’ and a ‘leisure’ environment for visitors. WizeFloor fits right in because it promotes learning though play.”

WizeFloor will be exhibiting at Bett Show 21-24th January 2015 at Excel, London Hall/Stand: C525.
A full system will be installed for the duration of the event, providing an ideal opportunity for SEN practitioners to road test this extraordinary learning device.