MyCognition is a pioneering cognitive health company who specialise in measuring and enhancing cognition in students in primary and secondary education.

Cognition is our ability to think, learn and remember. A healthy cognition is essential in order to live our lives to the full. The brain undergoes development and regeneration throughout our life; a process called neuroplasticity. However, the school years are an ideal period to train our cognition because the brain is experiencing considerable structural change. This is a perfect time to develop good habits that will be with you throughout your life.

Our programme consists of an online cognitive assessment tool, called MyCQ (MyCognition Quotient) that is linked to a range of applied video games that have cognitive training embedded in them. MyCQ assesses the five main cognitive domains of attention (concentration), psychomotor speed (speed and accuracy), working memory (calculating and problem solving), episodic memory (remembering) and executive function (planning and strategy). MyCQ gives an individual score per domain. The output from MyCQ is linked to our video games.  The training from the games is holistic across all domains, but MyCQ ensures it targets the weaker ones more intensively. The adaptive nature of our games allows the player to enjoy a personalised training programme.

Aside from being adaptive and personalised, this training permits inclusivity. Although each student appears to be playing exactly the same game within the same learning environment, they are in fact different, tailored to meet the individual cognitive needs of each student. This method of training eradicates some stigmas associated with SEN.

We have conducted our own published research with hundreds of primary and secondary school students aged 8 – 13 years. This research showed that the students that played MyCognition’s applied video game for an hour a week for eight weeks, experienced an improve across all cognitive domains with a statistically significant improvement in working memory and executive functioning.