Learn in a flash (stick)!

What do you get when you combine the humble Post-it® Note with an innovative new idea for language learning? FlashSticks® brings together custom printed Post-it® Notes together with a mobile app to accelerate learning for kids and adults alike, while providing teachers with an invaluable and versatile resource when working with foreign languages. This innovative approach to learning was a finalist for Learning & Teaching tool 2014 at the prestigious BETT awards.

The notes in each FlashSticks pack show pre-printed foreign language words together with a picture and the phonetic spelling; the accompanying mobile app shows a native speaker speaking the word when the matching note is in view. From interactive games in the classroom to last-minute cramming while brushing your teeth, this new resource focuses on engaging users and helping them to maintain their learning momentum.

Imagine primary school pupils who can take their first steps with a new language through a simple system that's fun and colourful, or secondary school students who are able to get tricky  words fixed in their mind through seeing them around the house every day. A colour-coded system helps learners to remember word types and gender as they read.

"FlashSticks has been designed in close partnership with teachers and educators," said CEO Veejay Lingiah. "We want them to be a teacher's best friend. Our packs enable teachers to get creative in the classroom as well as freeing them to give more one-on-one time to pupils who are struggling."

"The classroom environment is going through a lot of changes," adds Lingiah. "Foreign languages are now compulsory for primary school children, mobile devices and technology are playing a more important role, and learning is becoming more interactive — FlashSticks taps into all of these new developments."

"FlashSticks are a brilliant new learning tool for educators," said Dr Neil Hopkin, Headteacher at Peters Hill Primary School in the West Midlands, where FlashSticks has been used. "There simply isn't anything else like it on the market. The children just intuitively get it, the simplicity of a Post-it note and the use of a tablet to bring that note to life. As with all of the new best education products you want something that is so simple that teachers ask 'why haven’t we always done this?'"

There's plenty more to come as well: FlashSticks recently launched a Box Set edition containing 600 unique words organised by teaching topic (such as Family & Relationships or Health & Body). The Box Set also includes 8 sticker books to help learners get their notes organised. It's a learning tool that grows with the learner.

FlashSticks launched in 2013 and the company is growing rapidly from its base at the Innovation Birmingham Campus. Packs start at £4.99 each and are currently available for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and British Sign Language — they are now curriculum-aligned and organised into Key Stage teaching levels. Next year there are plans for more advanced vocabulary sets and additional features for the mobile app. FlashSticks are stocked by national retailers WHSmith, Staples and Amazon, as well as major schools suppliers, YPO and KCS. More information is available from www.flashsticks.com.

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